End Procrastination Now


Getting Started Can Feel Like Hell!

This recording will condition your deepest mind to dissolve, dismiss and eradicate all of your feelings of fear, anxiousness and dread when you think about starting and when you actually start.  Oh, and it will also work when you are half-way through.  Start noticing that stuff is getting done that never was done before.

It will also help you sleep!  Great!



You’ve Been Putting Off For Too Long…

You feel like a jerk because you “can’t” even get started.

Here is the Reason Why…

When you think about doing it is you want (or feel you “need”) to do, you feel fear, anxious, dread, bad, or something you don’t like.

And Then You Avoid Starting.

The drive to avoid those bad feelings is that strong.  Trust me, I know, I lived this way for most of my life.

Fortunately, Something Else Is Going On…

The real cause of the fear is not thinking about the activity or the activity itself.

The Real Cause is How You Think About You.

You have negative beliefs about you.  You think you are, “not good enough”, “not important”, etc.  And further, you think that if you make a mistake (a likely event during action taking) you will be rejected and then die in a gutter somewhere, your corpse eaten by crows.

At the Source of All Fear is the Fear of Death.

How could this be related to procrastination?  Well, if you think you are the sum of your achievements, mistakes, feelings and actions, if you make a wrong turn your very survival could be at stake.  Does it make sense you might put off doing “risky” stuff?

Fortunately There Is A Way Through.

I know this because I’ve done this.  I was a horrifying procrastinator.  Once I did the work and let the unconscious mind make impossible that there was anything wrong with me and that I was actually going to thrive if I made a mistake, stuff starting getting done almost “automatically”.

Do You Want To Get Started?

The first steps towards getting started is only one sleep away.



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