Dissolve Stress Now



Use the power of hypnosis to fall you asleep – 85% proven success rate! Hypnotic Relaxation and Insomina:  A Simple Solution?

Dissolve stress in your daily waking life!  “[anxious] disorders have been successfully treated by several psychotherapeutic methods which combine hypnosis…”
Hypnosis in the Treatment of Patients with Anxiety Disorders. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 78 471-475.

Just listen to the sound of the rain and let the words glide directly into your unconscious mind. 

This recording is designed to condition your unconscious and deeper mind to effortlessly put a clear distinction between what you are seeing in the world and the meaning you are giving those moments. 

When this clear distinction is habitually established in your brain, stress will dissolve instantly and effortlessly!



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