Unleash Creativity Now!


Sleep, hypnosis, rainstorms, and creativity.  This full recorded session will knock you out and unleash your creative beast!  How will you proceed when all you hear is “yes!” to your creative ideas?

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Everyone wants to be more creative.

Period.  Creativity is the gateway to fun!

Most people feel afraid to be creative.

It was shamed, humiliated and beat out of them when they were kids.

Now you can sleep, and let your unconscious mind do the work.

There’s more to you than you think.  There are ways to unleash your creative beast!  This recording is designed to knock you out and eliminate the unconscious barriers to you being more creative and expressive in your life.

We need to see what you got!  Are you ready to go for it?

I talk slow and there’s a nice rainstorm in the background.  You are already getting sleepy just thinking about it.  You will notice in your waking life that subtle but dramatic creative changes are happening for you!


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